Hi my name is Cora Coppinger and I am the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL) in Scoil Eoin. The HSCL programme recognises that parents are the most important people in the children's lives and they are their primary educators. Children succeed most in school when a close relationship between home and school exists. It is my job as the HSCl to maintain and build links between the school, the home and the community and to support parents in the education of their children. I look forward to working together to make your child's educational experience a positive one. Please contact me on 0872960322 if I can be on any assistance to you or email, hscl@scoileoinns.com

Part of my job includes:

-Visiting or meeting parents to offer advice and support if they have a problem relating to their child's education

-Offering classes and courses of interest to parents eg. Cooking, First Aid, Yoga, Flower Arranging and many more. These courses are offered free to parents in the school.

-Providing opportunities for parental incolvement in school activities eg bringing the parents into their child's classroom for initiatves such as Maths for Fun, Library Time, Literacy for Fun.


Term 1 News and Updates

Home Visits: This term I have started home visits to our new junior infants and new students. This has been a great way to introduce myself to parents, provide information about the school and create positive links between home and school. 

Jewellery Making class: Many parents took part in a 6 week free jewellery making class. Well done to all the parents who participated, their creations were beautiful. Thank you to Olivia who delivered the class each week. 

Storytime Project: Junior Infants and Senior Infants parents were invited to take part in the Storytime Project. This involves using reading strategies when reading bed time stories each night. Each child was provided a brand new collection of books from the library to read at bed time. The storytime graduation will take place in January. 

Wreath Making class: Many parents took part in a free wreath making class run by Lisa Thurlow of Lisa Thurlow Event Styling. Each parent got the opportunity to make a fresh wreath to bring home. 

Yoga: Free yoga classes will be starting in January. Stay tuned to our school social media for updates.

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